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Stellar Insurance

Providing comprehensive insurance services to clients throughout Atlanta
About Stellar Insurance
We'll help you find the right coverage at a great price

At Stellar Insurance, we believe that everyone deserves an insurance company that cares.

Whether you just need auto insurance or want coverage for an entire business, we'll be there for you. We pride ourselves on providing a personalized touch that benefits our clients just as much as our business.

Here at Stellar Insurance, we always have your best interest at heart.

Additional Services
We analyze your insurance needs and consult our team of providers to create the best possible product. In doing so, we help you save money.

  • A health insurance broker in Georgia stapling a piece of paper

    We've been appointed to witness and notarize estate documents, power of attorney documents, and more.

  • Phone Insurance

    Keep your device safe and secure, no matter what. Our phone insurance plans make sure you stay connected.

  • Air Tickets

    Need to travel? We've got you covered. Our tech-savvy team will book your flight quickly and easily at the best rates.

  • License Plate

    If you need a new license plates, or have to renew your old one, let us handle it. We'll make sure you're back on the road in no time.

  • Corporations

    When it's time to incorporate your business, we'll be there to set you up. We also provide holistic business insurance plans.

  • Translations

    Need important documents translated? We can help. Our translation services will ensure you're in the know.

  • Income Tax

    If you need help with your W2 or 1099 tax filings, we'd be happy to lend a hand. Our experienced team can help you review and file your tax returns.

  • Tax ID

    Need a tax ID? We can help with that. We'll make sure you have everything you need so you can file your taxes appropriately.

  • Tax Renewals

    When you don't have time to renew your taxes, we'll be there to handle the heavy lifting. We have years of experience with accounting.

  • International License

    We'll translate your original license quickly and effectively. Use our licensing service when you need to stay in the country for a few more days.

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Trust us to keep you covered.